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About Us

Right Track Community Solutions, Inc. launched services publically in Chatham County on September 28, 2019. We previously did business as Right Track Consulting Services, LLC (2012-2019).

 Right Track Community Solutions, Inc. (RTCS) launched services in Chatham County in 2018. Right Track provides individuals, families, and groups with a variety of solution-based services in their environment. We utilize several intervention and prevention models to address the needs of the people that we serve. Our overall goal is to assist individuals and communities with developing solutions and actions plans to get them on track with their personal, professional, and environmental goals. RTCS operates in homes, schools, community centers and our office. 


The goal of RTCS is to provide at-promised individuals, families, and communities with resources and skills to improve their quality of life in their environment utilizing evidence based and best practice models, theories, and approaches; in addition, comprehensive case management services.

Mission Statement:

To promote effective solution-based services to individuals, families and groups through case management, individual and group counseling, educational and empowerment workshops, life and social skill groups, and mentoring to enhance the quality of life for all in Georgia.

Vision Statement:

Every individual will have the solutions and resources needed to get be on track and live healthy and productive lives in their environment.

RTCS strives to assist one community at a time at getting on the right track to reduce poverty, youth pregnancy, crime, unemployment, and teenage dropout rate.

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