Right Track Consulting Services - "Helping Individuals, Families, & Communities get on Track"
"Blossoming Into Your Best Blessing"
2015 Sister’s Empowerment Conference

                 "Rise Up & Blossom"
2016 Sisterhood Empowerment Retreat & Brunch on the Beach

"Rise Up and Conquer Your Worth"

2018-  "Bruise But Not Broken, Still I Rise"

"Rise Up & Revitalize Now"
" A Family Call to Action"

        Sisterhood/Family Empowerment Worship Goals
“Refresh the Mind, Restore the Spirit and Reframe Images and Rebuild Sisterhood”
Zain Beyond Words
Right Track Consulting and F.O.C.U.S presents annual Sisterhood Empowerment Retreat/Worship Service on Tybee Island, Georgia the weekend prior to Mother's Day annually. The weekend is filled with a phenomenal retreat for our youth and is filled with empowering, networking, shopping and worshipping. 
This event was the start of a movement for sisters of all ages to take a stand and to become a beacon in their homes, schools, jobs, communities and churches along with assisting with the removal of barriers and building coalitions and relationships which will enhance the quality of life for thousands of individuals.  As sisters we must embrace and rebuild our sisterhood and become the Chief Executive Operator (CEO) of our lives, homes, families and communities.
Thank you for sponsoring a young lady to our past events in 2015-2018!
Gina Smith                                    Sarita Harvey
David's Crab House                        Dr. Sharon Moses
Tequilla Pittman               Victoria Campanini (A.E. Beach Class of 1996)
Tapestry Ministry                           Fita of Savannah
My Sister's Keeper of Savannah (co-partner of event)
Nadia Myers                                  Gator Ball Rivers Academy
JC Lewis Primary Health Care          Richard Fergunson
Thanks to our sponsors who made a donation or sponsored a sister to conference.
Shermaine Brown                           Rebecca Teter
Porschia Mitchell                             Monisha Mitchell
Crawford Family (Augusta, Georgia) Portia Brown
Stacie Coppock                               Sheila Robinson
Laquinta Larry                                Altheria Maynard
Carmelita Maynard                          Target on Skidaway
Niamia Robinson
Thanks to our vendors!
Total Life Changes (Keya)                            (912) 257-8821
Handbags Forever (Utesa Chisolm)               (912) 421-9095

Thanks for our Business Sponsor! 
Celebrations Unlimited                         (912) 596-5554

Thank you for partnering with Right Track Consulting Services, Org/ Right Track Community Services Inc.  and F.O.C.U.S..
Our annual goal is to “Refresh the minds, restore the spirits and rebuild our communities” one at a time.

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