Right Track Consulting Services - "Helping Individuals, Families, & Communities get on Track"
Right Track Campaign for Change!
Right Track needs the support of each of you to make our vision come to life and to help save lives and communities.  Additional money contributed after our goal will assist us with building fund,  providing services in community, daily operations, hire professional staff (facilitators, track managers, and trackers) and purchase a van to transport low-income families to appointments, community resources, and job interviews.  No gift is too small or to large and if you can't give financially, please give  your time to volunteer, pray or become a mentor for our organization.
Right Track Campaign for Change
Goals for 2018/2019 are:
  •  $100,000 (To purchase land for our building)
  • 120 Mentors (Youth and adults)
  • 120 Volunteers (2,000 volunteer hours)
  • 120 Trackers
  • 24 Facilitators/Speakers
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